Sunday, May 30, 2010

I always wanted to get myself a tattoo. But im afraid that i would one they regret so the thought of tattoo-ing is forget it. I came across this photo, im so attracted to it, its so beautiful isnt it.

Yesterday, went ahma house. Dad put his hand over my shoulder & bring me to buy ice-cream. He & mummy buy me Brownie Cookie ice-cream. I gave half of it to them and sat at the sofa, watching tv & eat my ice-cream. YUMMY! Dad came over & sayang my head & pinch my right cheek when im eating.

Thanksss papa, for waking up very early in the morning everyday, just to buy breakfast for us. He would always ask me what i want to eat for breakfast. And i will always say Mac fish buger, add cheese, dont want tata sause, green tea w/o ice(: He is really a loving & caring dad. I promise myself that when he gets old, i'll bring papa & mummy to eat breakfast, teh-C, kaya butter loti, half boil egg. Their favorite!

Samantha, wish all her's friends who are taking their o'level Chinese & her sister all the best for your! Pass w/ flying colour(: JIAYOU JIAYOU JIAYOU
Laogong youtoo hor! Must do well in tmr exam(: I LOVE YOU

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